Tatsuno Hisashi
01 February 2016 @ 04:14 am
[OOC] Character Profile: Tatsuno Hisashi  
Character Name: Tatsuno Hisashi
Gender: Male
Age: Appears to be 15 or 16, actually well over a hundred.
Grade/Homeroom Class: 1-A
Height*: 5'7" (171 cm)
Weight*: 115 lbs (52 kg)
Birthdate: March 21
Blood Type*: AB (in feline blood; you won't catch him at a blood drive any time soon)
Hobbies: Climbing, running, hunting, divination, mischief
Favorite School Subject: Science, because he enjoys trying to understand how humans view the natural world
Is your character a member of a team or club on campus?: Not yet, though he isn't opposed to being recruited if someone makes a good case.

Hisashi is of a reasonable height but his narrow frame and delicate looking features occasionally make him look quite feminine at a glance. In reality, however, he is far from delicate. His muscles are lean and wiry and if someone were to get a hold of him they would surely notice the hardened feel of his body, as if he were one to work out all the time (though no one would ever catch him dead in a gym). His porcelain complexion is lit with golden undertones that keep him from looking wan and sickly. His large eyes are an unusual shade of blue-grey and slant upwards, lending to his decidedly feline face. It is a highly expressive face at that though when he wants to be particularly mysterious he has no problem making it difficult for others to know exactly what he's thinking. It should be noted that in low light his eyes may have a reflective shine to them, like the eyes of an animal.

Most notably, Hisashi is extremely agile and graceful. The average person would probably assume he was just well trained in something that taught one how to have good control over their body. Given the choice he had a tendency to walk on ledges and perch in high places, seeming to enjoy looking down on people (though whether that's literal or purely figurative is up for debate). 

Human is typically the form Hisashi takes most often but it isn't his native form by any means. This means he is susceptible to giving things away occasionally via the appearance of things that don't belong. Ears and tails in his reflection, for example, or revealed in his shadow even if he himself doesn't possess either on his actual person.

He is capable of taking a hybrid form of varying degrees of transformation between his human form and natural state. He becomes increasingly more feline as he goes, increasing his speed and agility as well as his effectiveness in a fight given the appearance of longer fangs and claws. His eyes may also turn red and glow with their own inner light, rather than having to catch light externally. Green flames may gather about his two tails.

Pushed beyond this Hisashi can take on a shape that is quite large, resembling a sizeable wild cat far more than a domesticated feline. His fire abilities in this form are even stronger but the form itself tends to be deadly on its own, without need of magic. His fur is a deep blue-black with glowing blue striped markings and his eyes continue to glow the same menacing red. His canine teeth lengthen and protrude both top and bottom, giving his face a look reminiscent of a fearsome Oni mask. It takes quite a bit of energy to transform into and maintain this form and so he makes use of it only when absolutely necessary.

His natural form is that of a domestic cat. Like his human form, he is a thin and wiry tomcat. His coat is a deep blue-black in this shape as well and his eyes are the same shade of blue-grey as they are when he takes a human shape. For all intents and purposes he appears to be an average feral cat, just as he always was before his transformation. This is particularly useful whenever he needs to pass inconspicuously. However, if he expends too much energy or is otherwise incapacitated he is unable to disguise the fact that he possesses two tails. He has no choice but to remain in this form until he recovers enough to be able to maintain another illusion. 

Personality: Ignoring silly cliches that he personally feels are completely untrue, Hisashi is quite the curious type. Sure, it's gotten him into trouble before but he's also had a lot of fun in his long life because of it. Fun is rather important to him and in the way of the typical cat, if it's not relevant to his interests he's probably not sticking around. He can be quite mischievous and enjoys pushing others' buttons just to see how they'll react. Humans are fascinating (even if he does feel like he knows better than they do and they could stand to learn a lot from his cat wisdom)!

Hisashi considers himself to be a neutral force above all else. He is not inclined to be good but he does not seek to actively do bad things either. There is a definite difference in his mind between some harmless fun and Bad Things and he is careful not to let the line blur. That may be a personal moral choice but there is also an equally large chance that he has come to that decision because the world has been changing and he wants to keep himself distinctly separate from the true monsters roaming the forests around Kikuryou.

His other motives are unclear aside from the fact that he seems to really want a secure place in the world. It is a dangerous place for a cat, even one such as him, and it has been a lonely one for too long. It's not the place it used to be and he wants some answers.

As a nekomata, Hisashi began life as simple cat like any other. He was just one of several semi-feral cats that had taken up residence in and around one of the forest shrines. He did his part as an effective mouser and in return few seemed to mind if he slept in the holy place. Occasionally he would be shooed away by the more superstitious shrine-goers who feared cats for all the stories that surrounded them, but for the most part he was treated kindly.

Having a home of sorts to return to meant that his life was a bit easier than those of most cats. That advantage helped along with his own natural skill and intelligence (and a good bit of luck) to carry him through a long life. Whether it was the fact that he'd spent all his life around a shrine and grew to have greater wisdom and understanding than other cats that led to his eventual transformation or simply because he'd grown old enough to gather enough power about him, one day it came to be that his one tail split into two and he began his "second life" as a nekomata.

As a yokai with no guidance beyond his own moral compass, Hisashi had to figure out where he belonged on his own. The fact that he had spent so many years around the shrine helped in that he viewed humans somewhat more favourably than many other creatures did. At least enough in that he didn't feel a desire to use his powers for anything terribly destructive. The fact that the stream of the shrine's visitors had all but dried up in recent years had made him bitter and it was his main reason for setting off and leaving his home territory. He wanted to know why and as he travelled he investigated, learning to (slowly) communicate with the ayakashi of the forest (at least the ones that didn't try to eat or kill him on sight) and gathered as much information as he could. Almost all of them mentioned the barrier tied to the region which had apparently grown smaller over time. If that was why no one visited the old shrine any more, that would make sense. More worrying, however, was why the barrier was shrinking at all. Who maintained it? What were the kami doing about it? Why wasn't anyone fixing it? Of course, Hisashi was no god; he was just one troublesome cat, but maybe he could stir up a bit of trouble for the greater good. Or at least for the greater good of his home! Maybe they would even make him the resident kami and the worshippers would come out to honour him and bring their offerings in thanks. It was unlikely that he was the first yokai in existence to dream of the grandeur of kami-hood and probably not the last, but it was a thought that had his twin tails twitching happily.

Most recently his wanderings have brought Hisashi around near the Academy and the humans that lived nearby. The other forest dwellers could only provide so much information, so perhaps the humans knew something they didn't..

Does your character have any kind of unusual powers?: As a nekomata, Hisashi has a variety of unusual powers. He possesses the power of illusion and magic, having a particular proficiency with the strange green flames he can summon. He is capable of charming humans as well as possessing them (though he has refrained from the latter in the interests of being on his best behaviour). Hisashi can also possess dead bodies and temporarily "raise" them as minions, but as one might expect the dead are typically hard to come by. He can shapeshift into human form and back again, as well as assuming hybrid forms in between the two as well as a larger form he can use on occasion should the occasion call for it. His abilities are at their strongest during the full moon but he is always capable of using them, provided he has the energy. Once he has spent his reserves he must spend time in his natural form until he can rest and recharge. He is more resilient and stronger than an average cat and he heals much more swiftly. However, given his nature he is vulnerable to holy magic and purification spells. Hisashi has natural intuitive abilities but also utilises his magic and his ability to charm to make for an effective fortune teller. It is one way he enjoys playing games and making mischief but he also uses it to make some extra money as well.

Living Situation: Hisashi lives in the dorms.

Relation:  Being a "local monster", Hisashi is very invested in the future of the area around the Academy. He also brings with him his own unique angle on things, being a creature that has had to be self-sufficient and self-taught. He has lived a long time but he is new to his life as a yokai and so he has much to learn. In a way, this will ease his transition as he learns to be more human because he possesses a more youthful point of few. Everything will be new and exciting and different!
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